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Focused on

We aim to deliver you the the best risk adjusted returns.

Our company was founded with one goal in mind:            to help our clients make smarter investment decisions.

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm dedicated to providing clients with custom tailored investment solutions. We work exclusively for you on a fee-only basis so we don't earn commissions for pushing products. 


Jay Patel

Founder and President

Jay attended Penn State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Information Sciences.


He began his career as a Consultant and later switched careers to become a Financial Services Professional with a focus on SMAs.


In due course, he founded ClearPeak Capital Management to provide a more personalized service and customizable investment option for his clients. 

Our Investment Approach

In the long run, we believe asset allocation triumphs over frequent trading, complex strategies, and disorderly hunts for alpha.

In the short run, markets can present opportunities. We believe investors should take advantage of opportunities, but should do so in a disciplined manner keeping long term allocations in place with their long term goals in focus. 

For this reason, we use a core-satellite approach for building client portfolios.

The core consists of broad globally diversified holdings across asset classes for a client's strategic long term allocation.

The satellites consist of tactical allocations to enhance returns and mitigate risk. 

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